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Eskies in Therapy and Service Work


There is a lot more to an American Eskimo dog than the appearance which has given the breed the nickname, "The Dog Beautiful". Eskies have been man's helpers throughout the ages, having been a "dog of all work" for farmers as well as being the family pet. In addition to providing assistance in other ways, today's Eskies are proving to be valuable helpers as therapy dogs, offering comfort to special needs humans who ask them to visit, generally in a hospice or hospital. Therapy dog candidates are gentle, confident, and loving with people of all ages as well as with other animals and must display a good working relationship with their handlers. Therapy dogs also must have passed formal tests while displaying obedience and appropriate response to a variety of stressful situations. Only then can a dog and its handler become a licensed therapy dog team. AAEA is proud of our members' eskies who are, or have been, Therapy Dogs.

Cotton and Nancy at Hospice of the Valley Expo Cotton at Hospice expo