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Like most Christmas miracles, this particular joyous occasion occurred because a combination of luck, love of dogs, and the kindness of strangers. And, being Christmas and the ongoing prayers of several people, it might just have been meant to be.  It seems that a tenant was evicted in the area of Phoenix near Sun City West.  It was an eviction which was just.  The tenant had taken advantage of the landlord for many months. The evicted tenant was related to the landlord's daughter-in-law, and everyone agreed that the eviction was long overdue. When the landlord went to check on the house, she discovered that the tenant had left all of her possessions, including a small American Eskimo dog.  The landlord had been active in dog rescue for many years.  She gathered up the eskie and took him home with her. The landlord started checking around to see who knew anyone who had anything to do with eskies.  Someone the landlord contacted was acquainted with a neighbor of Nancy Glenn and knew that Nancy was involved with eskie rescue. Nancy's phone number was shared with the landlord.  The landlord  called Nancy.  

Nancy wasn't home, but got the message, returned the call, and forwarded disposition of the matter to Kit Kelly, our club president, because Nancy herself was scheduled to leave to the Midwest to see her ailing mother over the holidays.  Kit talked with the landlord, got the particulars, and was told that "I sure hope someone can take this dog soon because my husband is falling in love with him!"  The landlord said that the tenant had told her about the dog when it came to live in the rental house...about two years ago.   The landlord said that the dog's name was Charlie, and he was a good dog, not very big, maybe a miniature.

Kit knew that Jim had taken a call from Cally, a resident of Cottonwood, who had lost her 13 year old eskie and was desperately seeking another.  Cally had contacted me and Jim looking for a puppy, but we didn't have any puppies.  So, Cally had said she was interested in a rescue.  And, Jim and I were looking for a dog for her.  

After Kit called me, I immediately called Cally, who said excitedly that she was interested. Several phone calls took place among me, Jim, Cally, Kit, the landlord, and Nancy.  After everyone talked, it was agreed that little Charlie might just be a really good dog for Cally.  The landlord said she and her husband needed a break, and said that they could drive Charlie to Cottonwood on Friday morning.  More phone calls ensued, and Jim and I said that we would join Cally, Charlie, and everyone else when they met at Denny's at 10:30 on Friday morning.

Everything worked as planned.  We all told each other what we would be wearing and how we could identify one another.  We met at Dennys.  Cally fell in love with Charlie in the parking lot. Charlie is a wonderful little eskie.  He may have bad habits, but they certainly were not on exhibit this morning.  He was friendly, didn't bark, made eye contact...but was a bit apprehensive because his tail was down.  

The landlord and her husband set off to see Old Cottonwood, and Jim and I followed Cally and Charlie down the twisting trails beside the Verde River to Cally's home.

We stayed for about an hour, watching Charlie and Cally get acquainted.  Cally is a caregiver, works with elderly folks and does some practical nursing.  While we were there, a neighbor called excitedly to see whether Cally had her new dog.  She told him Charlie was at the house.

Shortly thereafter, there was a knock at the door.  Cowboy Bob, a friend/patient of Cally's, had arrived to meet her new pet.  Cowboy Bob was wearing his trademark hat, boots, and a big smile.  He greeted Charley, who backed off a bit while wagging his tail.  Charlie didn't bark, offer any aggression whatsoever, and consented to being scratched under the chin...he wasn't even fazed by Cowboy Bob's big hat.

Cally told us that she had been praying for a dog...that she had checked with rescue organizations around the west, always praying that if it wasn't the right dog, that God would let her know.  She said she had prayed the same way about Charlie...and here he was!  So, it was meant that Charlie was to be her dog.

We discussed that Charlie could stand to lose about 5 pounds. We talked about care and feeding, looked around the yard, and observed Cally with Charlie.  Charlie, and Cally, are going to be good together.  This entire process began some three or four days ago...a true Christmas miracle for Cally and Charlie.  We also discovered this morning that the telephoto lens on our camera has quit working, so please excuse the blurred quality of a few of the photos.