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Unfortunately not every rescue story is full of joy and happy endings, but it is important to know about the valiant attempts given by Eskie lovers to rescue and rehabilitate Eskies. It is with this in mind that we have the story of Yoshi.

Yoshi PACC intake

Yoshi's PACC intake picture

At 6:35 PM on September 18, 2013 Pima Animal Care Center sent out an email:

Subject: Emergency Rescue needed -- Yoshi A453667.

Yoshi is a 1-2 year old intact male (likely) purebred American Eskimo.  He is all white – the “silver” on his head in the picture is grease. He was hit by a car approximately a week ago and has NO use of his rear legs.  He has not seen a vet to determine what, if anything, can be done.  He is a very kind, gentle dog who allowed a little girl to care for him and carry him around for the past few days.  He is maybe 15 lbs.

Within minutes AAEA club members were in action contacting a local rescue organization, F.A.I.R. (http://www.faircares.org) trying to arrange care for this injured Eskie. By 7:40 PM Yoshi's situation was on the AAEA Facebook page and other Eskie related Facebook pages. Contacts were made with regional and national rescue organizations.

AAEA members contacted F.A.I.R. and they agreed to pull Yoshi from PACC as soon as it opened the next morning.

By 10 :30 PM that evening an email from ERU, Eskie Rescuers United, West Coast Regional Director:

I (Eskie Rescuers United) will take Yoshi.

Yoshi now had a major rescue “foster home” and support lined up. By 9am the next morning a rescue plan had taken shape for the possible transport of Yoshi to San Diego where ERU would take him under their wing. There was a concern since Yoshi was not neutered and moving him out of state could be a problem. An inquiry was sent to our contact at PACC to obtain a waiver for possible out of state transfer.

At the same time the F.A.I.R. representative contacted one of their local veterinary hospitals and made arrangements for Yoshi to be seen and evaluated when he was transported there. At 8:56 AM the F.A.I.R. representative emailed:

Subject: RE: Yoshi

... here is my latest update. I have made contact with Acacia. He is in surgery but is willing to evaluate the dog this morning when I can get into PACC. I am getting ready now to go evaluate and will call you while I am there. Of course this has burned up the facebook and one individual has came forward to possibly be able to foster locally but need to determine dogs needs to decide if this will work as she is employed outside the house.

Between all our networking we will see what we can do for Yoshi. :)


and more from AAEA member:

thanks to you and FAIR, he has a place to go right now.
If and when FAIR needs another rescue to take over, we have one
willing to help and we have people willing to help transport. Your
help means so much! Thank you so much! We are so grateful for the
caring souls out there!

Yoshi arrives at Acacia

Yosho arrives at Acacia Animal Hospital

At about 10:00 AM before PACC opened, the F.A.I.R. representative was there to do a preliminary evaluation and arrange to take Yoshi to their vet. Yoshi arrived at the vet hospital around 11:30 AM and was rushed into an examination room. The F.A.I.R. rep and AAEA members were also there so Yoshi was not alone even though he was with total strangers. He was well mannered and although he was unable to use his rear legs he was quite friendly to all. He immediately made a wonderful impression on everyone who saw him.
He was examined and it appeared that he had severe back injuries as well as lacerations on his left front paw. The silver color to his fur was oil/grease that he acquired during the impact with the automobile. Because of the apparent back injury and the urine scalding it was decided that a couple of x-rays would help in evaluating Yoshi’s prognosis.

After what seemed an agonizing wait, the x-rays were conclusive that Yoshi’s

Yoshi's preliminary exam by vet techs

back had been broken in two places, including one crushed vertebrae and a displacement. It was also determined that he was unable to urinate and have bowel movements on his own. The prospect of his recovery even to the point of using a set of wheels for mobility was not good.

After much soul searching and deep concern by everyone at the hospital, the vet sadly recommended that Yoshi be allowed to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and given his freedom. ERU had taken him under their wing, so the ERU representative in San Diego was contacted by the F.A.I.R. representative. A long phone discussion was made with FAIR and ERU representatives, discussing the possibility of a second opinion and quality of life for this beautiful soul.  With much despair, the ERU representative agreed to follow the vet’s recommendation and let him go peacefully.  The Fair representative contacted Acacia with the decision.

and just 20 hours from the time first information was known about him, F.A.I.R. posted on their Facebook page at 2:28 PM:

Exam 2

Yoshi waiting for the Vet

RIP Yoshi
Your short life on earth and your time with me will always be in my heart.  FAIR pulled Yoshi this morning and got him to the vet.  Xrays showed what we were all fearful of.  The damage to his spine was too extensive for him to recover from this accident so we allowed him to cross over.  Yoshi, those big brown eyes will have a place in my heart forever.  Please go the Bridge and frolic with the other cats and dogs.  We will meet again. I hope you remember me. 

and at 3:24 PM AAEA members involved in the rescue were emailed about Yoshi’s crossing over before it was posted to the AAEA Facebook page.

Despite the sad ending to Yoshi’s story, he was with people who sincerely cared for him during their brief acquaintance with him, and all were touched by his Eskie love.


A last sad note, when the 8 year old girl who first picked him up brought him into PACC after her family realized they could not help him, she asked the intake people if she could have him back when they had fixed him? Unfortunately Yoshi could not be “fixed”. Yoshi was the name she gave the Eskie. We do not know him by any other name, as he had no tags or chip when he was turned in.

As a result of the Facebook exposure, pledges for donations from people all over the U.S. were received for Yoshi’s expenses. Including one anonymous donor who offered to cover the initial exam and x-ray fees at Acacia so that the other pledges could be used for his ongoing care.  Since there would be no further ongoing care,  ERU asked those pledge donors to “pay it forward” for future Eskies in need in Yoshi’s memory.  Many have done just that and have already pledged on eskies in the shelter with no hope for adoption and are listed as “rescue only”.  Meaning their only hope for survival is a rescue group to come save them.  The spirit of Yoshi is to beat the odds as he somehow survived his car accident.  Most of the homeless eskies are able to beat the odds at the shelters.  Sadly, some are not.  Keep supporting rescues by pledging, so that we have more eskies who are able to beat the odds

Many tears have been shed over Yoshi’s story.

Rest in Peace little Yoshi. Run free at The Bridge.

Goodbye  Paw Print

Goodbye sweet Yoshi :(