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Toto 1


Name:  Toto – Female, 10 yrs old
Fostered:  Feb. 2, 2009
Adopted:  Jan. 2, 2010





Toto 2

Toto and Lacey at foster home

Toto was an owner-surrender at the Humane Society.  Her owner was going into assisted living and there was no one to take Toto.  During spay surgery, a lump was found.  Club members were notified and Toto was placed in foster care with the club members.  The lump was found to be cancerous.  Another surgery was done by club vet to take more tissue from around the area.  That tissue was tested & was cancer-free. 





Toto 3


As old as she was, she LOVED squeaky toys and loved her walks.  She LOVED to roll in the grass and was a good watch dog.  Toto was adopted, along with Charlie, by a wonderful couple from New River.  They became wonderful club members to this day. 





Toto 4




Toto crossed over the rainbow bridge June 22, 2010, after the cancer came back in her body.