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Maya was picked up September 11, 2013 in Goodyear, AZ by a patrolman who said he witnessed her running along the highway and she just collapsed. He took her to the Maricopa County West shelter in Phoenix and her intake picture broke the hearts of animal lovers far and wide. She was disoriented, bleeding and unable to stand. With incredible networking and teamwork including Krissy Weathers, Barbara Greschner, Chicagoland Eskie Rescue, Lori Lauten, Carol Raymond, Cindy Goetz, Debbie Robarge, Jennie Hyland, Chris Burns, Connie Faske Senn, Vada Binick, Kim Stewart, Sally Bedow, Angel Merritt, Sarah Mckenzie, and Lori Pasch, this little girl is safe and sound.

Cindy Goetz, with support from AAEA members, convinced the shelter to release her under her supervision, took her to a local vet for x-rays, suturing, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and


provided 24 hour home care for Maya until the shelter's hold release late that Saturday. For three days, she refused all food but was able to drink and urinate. On Saturday, she ate baby food, a cause for celebration amongst her followers.


Early Sunday morning, Cindy and Nancy Glenn drove Maya to Blythe, CA and transferred her to Krissy Weathers of GreenDog Foundation. On the way to her new home in Dana Point, CA, Maya enjoyed ice cream, clearly on the path to wellness.

Maya's injuries include a completely severed tailbone, severe bruising on her rear and body, a puncture wound on her front leg with nerve and tendon damage causing her to have trouble controlling her foot and at least 4 teeth broken off at the gum line on one side of her mouth. She was very traumatized and emotionally injured as well.


Under GreenDog's and Camino Pet Hospital's care, Maya has begun to heal and feel safe. She has been treated for an infection, her bruises are healing, her breathing has become less labored, she has had a much-needed bath and grooming and is starting to move around more. On September 19, more than a week after her impoundment, Maya actually stood to eat dog food out of a bowl. Another cause for celebration!

She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Her tail may need to be amputated. Her teeth need to be repaired. And, maybe more than anything, she needs to learn to trust people again. Although she is timid and obviously traumatized, she has been nothing but sweet with all who have met her.



She's a beautiful girl, inside and out and once she recovers physically and emotionally, will make someone a wonderful companion.