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Bella was surrendered by her owner to the Humane Society at 9 months of age in May, 2011. This was after her left eye was removed. It’s not clear what the problem was, but a missing eye doesn’t slow this little girl down. After the spay surgery, she was taken into the care of a non-club member who was willing to foster her til we could find a forever home. We thought she was in her forever home, but nearly 2 years later, he asked that we find her a new foster home.



So, she stayed with club members and their pack of 3 for nearly 6 months. She ruled over the 3-year old male, with whom she played for hours a day. She made herself right at home and learned the rules of the pack & home very quickly. This was all a new experience for her. She is always so busy.




Bella’s picture and pertinent information were published on various rescue websites. This is where Cheri found her. She kept her eye on Bella for nearly a month until she & her family were in a position to adopt this spunky little gal. Even though she’s 3 years old, she is like a puppy in so many ways.


Bella  home1



Eskie Angels Cheri & Jim came to meet Bella on a Saturday and quickly decided they wanted to see how she would do with their family, so she was taken over the next day to meet everyone.




Bella did quite well and everyone fell in love with her. So, she stayed and was officially adopted.








She is missed by her foster family, but is loved lots by her new forever family. Cheri & Jim are also new club members! WELCOME!