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Rescue and Foster

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AAEA is not an official animal rescue organization; however, Eskies in need of rehoming come to AAEA club members' attention in many ways. Often, club members are notified that an Eskie has been taken in by the Humane Society or animal control. Perhaps, the dog was found roaming the streets or was surrendered by an owner, and is in danger of being euthanized.

When we see a need, AAEA club members swing into action to move the dog to a safe haven while we search for a forever home. Since there rarely is advance notice, AAEA members often struggle to find that safe haven, typically, a suitable foster home. Rescuing and rehoming needy dogs cannot succeed without a network of foster homes that can take care of the rescued eskies until a forever home can be found.

Fostering and adoption are very rewarding experiences. Here is a link to AAEA RESCUE STORIES. Never fear that a rescued Eskie will not be able to bond with its foster caregivers or its new forever family. Eskies are "people" dogs, and want to please. An Eskie will respond quickly to loving care and will attach to the new family with great affection and devotion, generally within a period of a few days.

AAEA club members will have evaluated rescued Eskies as to temperament and whether the dogs appear to get along well with people of all ages, but especially, with children and/or other family pets . Typically, rescues are given a visit to the vet so that health can be evaluated as well. Special needs, whether training or health, are addressed to the extent possible. AAEA continues to work with foster caregivers throughout until each Eskie finds a forever home.

For additional information about fostering or adoption, here are links to the FOSTER APPLICATION and ADOPTION APPLICATION. You also can email rescue@azeskies.org

In addition to the Eskies that AAEA members help there are several organizations that specialize in Eskies such as:

In addition to assisting with rescue, NAEDA, National American Eskimo Dog Association (www.naeda.org), our parent organization, has relevant has information and materials about Eskies.

National organizations with local area chapters or representatives:
Eskie Rescuers United (ERU) (www.eskierescuersunited.org)
Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue (www.heartbandits.com)

Regional organizations:
Eskies Online: American Eskimo Dog Rescue (www.eskiesonline.com)
New Leash on Life! American Eskimo Dog Rescue (www.nlol.net)
American Eskimo Rescue St. Louis (www.eskierescuestl.org)
Mid-South Eskie Alliance - RescueGroups.org (midsoutheskiealliance.rescuegroups.org)
Chicagoland Eskie Rescue (www.chicagolandeskierescue.com)

Local shelters such as:
Humane Societies
Animal Control Departments

Services like:
Petfinder (www.petfinder.com) provide a search for available animals throughout the country.

Some of the rescue sites have wonderful stories about their rescue Eskies and their successful adoption. One of the most extensive and entertaining is Eskies Online: American Eskimo Dog Rescue (www.eskiesonline.com), including "Available Dogs"(www.eskiesonline.com/availesk.htm), "Adopted Eskies"(www.eskiesonline.com/adopted.htm) and in particular the "Angels from God Chronicles" (www.eskiesonline.com/afg.htm).


AAEA currently has the following dogs available for adoption or fostering:

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"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal, their world is changed forever!"